Due to the national effort to support the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, as of 24 March 2020, the Patient Safety Measurement Unit (PSMU) has suspended data collection from trusts. It is therefore not necessary for trusts to upload monthly data or highlight reports to this portal.

Phase 2 of the Maternal and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme was launched on 9 March. For the time being, only essential and coronavirus-related activities, including maternal and neonatal deterioration improvement work, will continue.

Your data remains valuable to us and is crucial to evaluating the National Patient Safety Improvement Programmes. We will be in touch as soon as we can about how future data collection and reporting will take place. Thank you for your support.

Local Learning System health survey
Thinking about your involvement in the Maternal and Neonatal Local Learning System, please answer the following questions to help us diagnose basic strengths and areas for growth. Your answers are anonymous and will help use better understand how we can develop Local Learning Systems to be strong and healthy networks to support improvement in maternal and neonatal care.


All members share a common purpose for the network.

Together, members have identified strategic goals and objectives for the network.

Network plans reflect network goals.


Members are working jointly to advance network goals.

Members are adding value to each others work.

Members are creating new knowledge and insights together.

The way the network communicates with stakeholders builds support for the network.

The network is creating value for the constituents it serves.

The network is able to attract network funds, as needed.

Members honour their commitments to the network.

The network is meeting its strategic goals and objectives.

Members are achieving more together than they could alone.


Decision making processes encourage members to contribute and collaborate.

The network anticipates, surfaces and addresses conflict when it arises.

The network's internal communication systems are serving it well.

All members are contributing time and resources to the network.

The work of the network is attuned to the comfort and energy levels of members.

Members reflect on network experience and adjust network practice accordingly.

The network has mechanisms in place to promote accountability among members (e.g. agreements, understandings).


As a network, members have the material resources to needed to advance network goals.

As a network, members have the skills they need to advance network goals.

As a network, members have the connections they need to advance network goals.