Welcome to the maternity and neonatal improvement Portal. This is the place where you submit your improvement plans.

Improvement plans are iterative by nature so you are expected to come back to them regularly to update them as you progress through your projects and programmes.

It is important to have details about your project aims, project team and project background in terms of your baseline data as you begin your improvement journey.

On this portal, you will be submitting your outcome data in relation to the big 5 clinical excellence driver(s) that you are working on.

The first step is to input your Improvement plan. Once this is done, you can then log your progress regularly.

Everything on this portal will be able to capture everything required by our maternity measurement strategy.  

Before you preceed to Add your Improvement plan, make sure you have logged in. You must be logged in, registered and have permission to access the portal on behalf of your organisation.

If you have not yet received your log in details, please get in touch with the PSMU Support Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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