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This section includes a wide range of practical tools and guides that the PSMU has found useful.  Primarily related to measurement for improvement, this collection of resources will help users to explore some of the more technical aspects of using data for improvement as well as tools to support the 'doing'. 

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pdf Guide to control charts Popular

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NHS Institute and QO guide to control charts.pdf

Guide to control charts

An older but comprehensive guide to using control (or SPC) charts including technical elements such as choosing a chart and calculating control limits.

pdf Run charts as a simple analytical tool for understanding variation in healthcare Popular

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Perla et al 2010 The Run chart Simple Analytical Tool for Learning from Variation in Healthcare.pdf

Run charts as a simple analytical tool for understanding variation in healthcare

An excellent guide to plotting and using run charts with a clear explanation of the 'run chart rules'.  Particularly useful in explaining and quantifying the 'number of runs' rule.

pdf Run charts into practice Popular

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HIS runcharts in practice.pdf

Run charts into practice

Health Improvement Scotland's guide to using run charts in a practical context.

default Introduction to measurement for improvement Popular

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Mike Davidge provides an introduction to measurement for improvement in this 10 minute video.  Requires access to YouTube.

pdf Healthcare Serious Incident Cost Calculator Popular

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Carthey J 2016 The healthcare serious incident cost calculator.pdf

Healthcare Serious Incident Cost Calculator

Building on HSE's Incident Cost Calculator, Dr Jane Carthey has developed a Healthcare Incident Cost Calculator.  The tool aims to focus senior manager’s attention on the financial implications of not investing in patient safety, in a climate driven by finance and efficiency savings.

pdf How to Guide for Measurement for Improvement Popular

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How to Guide for Measurement for Improvement

This guide provides an overview of the principles of measurement for improvement. It covers how to create appropriate measures and then how to analyse and present the results.

pdf SPC tutorial (Mohmammed MA et al. 2008) Popular

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Mohammed MA et al 2008 SPC charts tutorial.pdf

SPC tutorial (Mohmammed MA et al. 2008)

An excellent primer for anyone interested in creating their own SPC charts.  Provides an overview of the principles and technical steps to follow, including relevant formulae, using largely clinical examples.  

pdf Medicines Reconciliation Audit Tool Popular

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Medicines Reconciliation Audit Tool

An example of an evaluation tool used at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals of the Medicines Reconciliation service. This evaluated the significance of pharmacy interventions using a risk assessment matrix.

This is only an example of many evaluations that have been attempted in other pharmacy services but is interesting in the use of a risk matrix to extent of risk avoidance and implications to the Trust if the service was not in place.

default NHS Improvement SPC tool Popular

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Created by the Improvement Analytics team at NHS Improvement, this is an Excel based SPC tool which allows users to drop their data into a template and generate an SPC chart.  Has a wide range of functionality built in including:

  • Special cause rule identification
  • Control limit calculation and rebasing
  • Annotation
  • Plotting a range of frequencies (daily, weekly)

Requires macros to be enabled in order to work fully.  Updates to this tool are published via the online Measurement for Improvement community, but will be reflected here.

pdf Combined Risk Assessment and Screening Tool Popular

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Combined Risk Assessment and Screening Tool

A Combined Risk Assessment and Screening Tool developed at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is designed to be completed within 4 hours of admission and collects information on risks like infection, MUST, falls, pressure ulcers risk assessments and others.

pdf Good Indicator Guide Popular

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The Good Indicators Guide.pdf

Good Indicator Guide

This guide was published by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and The Association of Public Health Observatories. It focuses on the key principles behind developing, understanding and using indicators.

pdf Housley et al 2017 Accurate Identification of hospital admissions from care homes Popular

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Housley et al 2017 Accurate Identification of hospital admissions from care homes.pdf

Housley et al 2017 Accurate Identification of hospital admissions from care homes

Paper outlining a practical approach to identifying admissions from care homes, validated against a 'gold standard'.