The Patient Safety Measurement Unit (PSMU) supports the delivery and success of our national patient safety improvement programmes, such as the Patient Safety Collaborative.

How will we measure patient safety improvement?

The PSMU will:

  • measure improvement over time to show change and impact 
  • make measures easier to use and interpret 
  • work towards a balanced set of measurements, incorporating safety and quality 
  • include measurement of engagement and collaboration 
  • provide insight into the impact of our improvement programmes and helps identify opportunities and priorities for future improvement

What will we do with what we learn?

As a result of this measurement, we will:

  • assess the impact of the improvement programmes, reporting progress through analysis of national and regional data 
  • support key areas and topics of the improvement programmes to develop effective measurement plans and analyse and interpret their data
  • work with regional PSCs to develop local skills in measurement for improvement and provide support through central data collection and analysis
  • maintain and develop the existing five NHS Safety Thermometersopens in a new window
  • contribute to the wider development of patient safety, trial new approaches and work with academic and other partners  

2018/19 Q4 PSC quarterly metrics report

You can now access the 2018/19 quarter 4 PSC metrics report summarising the major progress highlights from the latest quarterly assurance reporting templates (QARTs) submitted by the 15 patient safety collaboratives accross England.

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Quarterly Metrics

This section provides access to all the relevant resources for collecting the quarterly metrics returned by PSCs, alongside analysis and reports derived from it

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Resource Library

Visit the PSMU Resource Library. 

We have curated Safety & measurement resources for you and our library is growing. Browse tools and guides , case studies and evidence base resources

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Find out more about the Patient Safety Measurement Unit workstreams.

We are currently supporting : 

  • Deterioration 
  • Maternity and Neonatal
  • Safety Culture
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